Social & Emotional

Drugs and Alcohol Tear our Families Apart

Marrin Weejali Aboriginal Corporation

DBT - Mental Health Skills Group

Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) skills groups teach people to manage a range of intense emotions, commonly seen in those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. These skills have proven to also benefit those suffering with depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug addictions, and other mental health disorders.
Our DBT skills group help clients to develop change-oriented skills and acceptance-oriented skills, more commonly known as: Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, & Distress Tolerance skills.
Criteria apply for those interested in participating in these groups and clients will need to be recommended by their Marrin Weejali counsellor. The groups are open for the first 3 weeks of each term before closing until the start of the following term.

Women's DV Awareness Group

A group that is designed to help women understand themselves better, how the cycle of violence works, the many faces of domestic violence, its' effects on children, and work on healing, self-esteem and recovery.

Women's Social and Emotional Group

Women's Social and Emotional Group is Marrin Weejali’s women’s health & social group. The women gather weekly to share their stories, to empower and encourage each other through life’s journey. This is a special time for women’s business, expressing their feelings and thoughts. Healing mind body soul and spirit in a safe and healthy environment.

Anger Management

Program is about providing an understanding, knowledge & skills in managing the feeling of anger itself, challenging beliefs and thoughts about anger and how to resolve problem issues that trigger anger.

Better Man

Men's Domestic Violence Group program, developed by staff at Marrin Weejali to move men towards accepting responsibility for their actions and changing ways of expressing themselves.

Men’s Yarn Up Group

The Men's Cultural & Spiritial Healing Group offers Aboriginal men the tools & encouragement to become stronger role models for their children, their families & their community. The group has been facilitated by a number of staff members and input has also come from Aboriginal Elders. The group covers a wide range of issues, including personal, health and spiritial healing.