Aboriginal Programs

At Marrin Weejali, we meet you where you are at – even if you are at rock bottom.

We welcome you into our safe space and we help you to join the Aboriginal programs that will repair your shattered spirit and set you on the path of healing.

Drug & alcohol misuse - help, recovery, compassion

At Marrin Weejali, we run programs to help individuals, families and communities overcome the impacts of substance abuse, misuse and addiction.

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Aboriginal social support - service, support, solutions

At Marrin Weejali, we work with the whole person to rebuild their shattered life, including assistance to reconnect with their loved ones and repair broken relationships.

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Want to know more?

If you are unsure about how to get help, our doors are always open at Marrin Weejali.

Contact us today to take the next steps in your healing journey.

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Take the first step towards healing and reconciliation

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