Emerton Amcal + Community Pharmacist
local, client care for Marrin Weejali clients

“We love the opportunity to meet people where they are at.”

Curtis and Margaret Ruhnau of the Emerton Amcal + Pharmacy provide local community care to Marrin Weejali clients in a confidential, culturally safe and caring environment.

The pharmacy is located in the Emerton Village Shopping Centre, a few minutes’ walk from the Marrin Weejali Aboriginal Corporation.

Curtis and Margaret operate the pharmacy with a strong focus on community and individual health, with more than 20 years of experience and highly skilled specialist staff.

They have three private consultation rooms for customers requiring personalised interaction with staff.

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Building relationships

“We deal with whole people. We know that nobody is perfect.”

Curtis and Margaret are forever in debt to Tony and his team at Marrin Weejali for the trusting relationship they have forged as a supportive community healthcare provider.

As one of the most accessible health professionals in the country, pharmacists can connect with community members within a matter of minutes, and without a formal appointment, to address pressing health concerns.

“We want all people, including Marrin Weejali clients, to feel comfortable to come as they are when they seek support at our pharmacy.

Marrin is a safe space and we provide an extension of that safe space here in our pharmacy to Marrin clients.”

Aboriginal Support Program Pharmacy Care

“Our relationship with Marrin Weejali and its providers has helped our pharmacy to develop the ways we can be more culturally safe and responsive to our customers and we are grateful for that mentorship.”

Curtis and Margaret’s team at the Emerton Amcal + Pharmacy works in conjunction with Marrin Weejali Aboriginal Corporation to support the alcohol and drug misuse intervention programs, and social, emotional and chronic-health-related services provided to the Western Sydney community.

The Emerton Amcal + Pharmacy specialises in assisting customers with:

  • Diabetes
  • Overdose
  • COPD/asthma
  • Sleep
  • Mental health
  • Men’s health
  • Personal medication management
  • Chronic health management.
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Working with Marrin Weejali

“I walk taller every time I walk out of Marrin and their clients do too.

The staff look after not only their clients, but each other, and this cycle of care acts as the basis for the level of care Marrin provides to its people, and we are honoured to assist them in their work.”

Located close by to the Marrin Weejali Aboriginal Corporation, the Emerton Amcal + Pharmacy has had the opportunity to work at a range of community health outreach days with clients and build rapport with the Marrin Weejali staff.

Curtis says the pharmacy’s close connection with Marrin Weejali motivates its clients to open up to staff to better inform the health-related plans that best suit their needs.

“Marrin Weejali clients feel safe at Marrin Weejali and our relationship with the Corporation means, as our customers, they feel we are also safe people to come to, and this trust can really increase our level of care and service.”

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Are you looking for Aboriginal support programs in your community that include understanding and cultural safety from local community service providers?

The Marrin Weejali Aboriginal Corporation works in unity with its surrounding community to extend its safe space outside of our walls.

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Partnership Case Studies

Emerton Amcal + Pharmacy

“Marrin is a safe space and we provide an extension of that safe space here in our pharmacy to Marrin clients.”

Too Deadly for Diabetes - powerful partnership

“The main thing about Marrin is the way its staff are invested in the local community.”

Penrith Community Corrections

“Marrin Weejali trusts, respects and supports our roles when working with Aboriginal people.”

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