Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programs

At Marrin Weejali, we work with the whole person to develop a plan to rebuild their shattered life, including assistance to reconnect with their loved ones and repair broken relationships.

Our staff work with respect for the dignity of our clients and their families.

Our social and emotional programs are designed to offer long-term solutions for clients to move forward in their lives.

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Our social and emotional recovery programs include:

  • DBT – Mental Health Skills Group

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy helps you to manage your emotions, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, addictions and other mental health issues.

  • Women’s DV Awareness Group

A group to help women understand the cycle of violence and work on healing, self-esteem and safety.

  • Women’s Social and Emotional Group

A weekly social group for women to support one another and encourage each other’s life journey.

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  • Anger Management

A program to assist in managing anger and learning how to resolve problems without anger.

  • Better Man

A men’s domestic violence group to assist men to accept their actions and change the way they express themselves.

  • Men’s Health Yarn Up Group

A cultural and spiritual healing group for men to become stronger role models for their families and community.

  • Social & Emotional Wellbeing Group

An advanced group helping clients rise from their shattered spirits and emerge as socially and emotionally reconnected adults.

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Marrin Weejali’s programs work to address the whole person, providing help and kinship for alcohol and drug misuse issues, social, emotional and health-related concerns.

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Partnership Case Studies

Emerton Amcal + Pharmacy

“Marrin is a safe space and we provide an extension of that safe space here in our pharmacy to Marrin clients.”

Too Deadly for Diabetes - powerful partnership

“The main thing about Marrin is the way its staff are invested in the local community.”

Penrith Community Corrections

“Marrin Weejali trusts, respects and supports our roles when working with Aboriginal people.”

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