The Shattered Spirit
From Substance Misuse
To Recovery

Drugs and Alcohol Tear our Families Apart

Marrin Weejali Aboriginal Corporation

The Services We Provide

Marrin Weejali provides culturally safe alcohol, other drug and non-acute mental health counselling, referral and advocacy services to members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of western Sydney, and also to other people in need of assistance. This is our core business.

Our approach to this work is two-pronged:

  • We focus on primary prevention through holistic personal and community development in an effort to reduce risk taking behaviour; and
  • We provide in-house secondary treatment services for people suffering the effects of serious substance misuse or non-acute mental health conditions, or both.

We work with clients, with their families and immediate circle of friends. But we also reach out into community through our primary prevention activities to help more of our people live healthy, peaceful and fulfilling lives, and to reduce the likelihood of our people resorting to alcohol and illicit substances or experiencing a mental health condition.

Partnerships with other like-minded services providers are central to how we go about supporting our clients’ needs. In this regard, our chronic disease outreach service connects clients in need to a network of medical, health, allied health and human services agencies.

OUR VISION is that Aboriginal people of Western Sydney live lives free from addiction and emotional distress