My mother found Marrin and I gave it a go.

“Life was going good before me and my partner separated, but after separation, I was going through a tough time through the legal system. It was a longshot but I gave Marrin a phone call and spoke to the ladies in the office and they put me in the right direction.”

Being at Marrin doing all of the courses has chilled me out.

“I have done the Better Man Program for DV – a 10-week program – and I have learned a lot from that about my attitude towards other people… the way I carry myself and how not to overreact to things like I used to.

I also did another program called Circle of Security (Parenting Program) and this helped me learn how to talk to my children a lot better and think about how I react to their comments.”

Life now is very good.

“I have been in positions where I would have been under the pump and jumped the gun too quickly and opened my mouth when I should be listening.

Since being a better person, everyone else enjoys me as a person now, instead of thinking I am going to blow up because I probably would have before.”

My advice to someone thinking about Marrin.

“Take it all in, give it a go. If you’ve got children, don’t fight the courts or your ex-partner.

I have more time and effort for others now that my life is going better. Coming here has made me a completely different person… and a greater person.”

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