It was two years ago, but wow how it’s gone fast! It was a sad life I lived, but now I’m happy to say that’s in my past. I was paroled to Marrin and made to attend appointments to speak to a counsellor and to meet friends.

I thought, “There is no way I’m going to meet with a counsellor.” I’d cancel every appointment every day. I avoided attending and made excuses each week till my life continued to spiral and the future was bleak.

I finally had to attend; I could no longer hide. I met my new counsellor who I found I could confide in. I could be real and honest to her and no longer pretend.

It wasn’t long before I wanted to be there. I knew she wanted to help and she did really care. I couldn’t believe it – my counsellor was human and she was real!

Without saying a word, she knew what I’d been through and how I felt. At Marrin Weejali I started to see my past is the past and doesn’t define me. I can be anyone I want to be. I can forgive myself and set the past free. I no longer live in anger and shame. I’m no longer looking for others to blame.

It was at Marrin I learnt to be proud of my results. I’ve been clean now for over a year. Before, I hated myself and never felt like I could ever belong. But it was in seeing my counsellor at Marrin that I learnt to be strong.

For years I was an outcast, jumping from here to there with no sense of security or self-love or care. I was lost in a world filled with drugs and hate. Coming to Marrin and meeting my counsellor was my fate.

My journey ahead is windy and long but with my counsellor and Marrin to support me, I continue to be strong. Not a day will pass that I will ever regret. Not a day will come that I’ll ever forget.

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