I grew up not knowing much about drugs.

“I haven’t touched drugs for nearly two years now and I am feeling a hell of a lot better. Before coming to Marrin I was always feeling depressed and felt everyone let me down and pushed me around.

I want to share my story to try and help people that might be scared to come through the door to get help.”

I used drugs to hide a lot of emotions in my life.

“The turning point for me was my mum’s dying wish was for me to get off the drugs and try to live a better life. I tried to get off the drugs myself first and it didn’t work – I ended up smoking more. I did a few anger management and living with addiction groups at Marrin Weejali and they all seemed to help me because I realised during the groups that the things said in groups stay with you and impact on you so that you can get well.”

Now I am in recovery and I have two beautiful granddaughters who I spend a lot of time with.

“I am doing Certificate 3 in Warehousing. I am doing a lot better and feeling a lot healthier. For anyone else like me who wants help, don’t be like me and take three attempts to walk through the gate – just walk through the gate, come into reception and ask for help.”

Do you need support to overcome addiction? See our Aboriginal drug and alcohol misuse programs and social and emotional support programs. Contact us for a confidential discussion.

You are welcome at Marrin Weejali.