Byron Bay

I am 23 years old and mother of one beautiful little girl.

My life was crap, I was full of shame and guilt because I was stuck in a cycle of drugs and alcohol addiction, gambling, and domestic violence, including getting into trouble with the law. My life was toxic, I didn’t care about anyone or anything. I was always angry and depressed; I couldn’t communicate with people nor make eye contact. Constantly anxious and sad and grief, my mental health had deteriorated and was uncontrollable. My behaviour was toxic to myself and those around me, I was spiteful, resentful, and full of bitterness thinking I was always in the right, I felt I was a bad mother, and this affected my daughter greatly. I was so lost.

From attending Marrin I learnt that I could break the cycle, that I am not a sheep and I do not need to follow. Through groups and counselling I learnt how to put boundaries in my life, how to keep myself safe, get out of harm’s way and stay out of trouble with the law. I learnt to regulate my emotions, how to slow down to be able to process, respond and not to be reactive to people, places, and things. I learnt to be open, honest, and transparent and to put my trust in my counsellor and that its ok to struggle. To be present in the moment and not stay stuck in the past.

That it is important to self-care, that I am beautiful, brave, courageous, and successful. I feel like I am no longer lost but that I belong, and I belong in this world. I am now content with who I am, how I live and with my daughter being the best mother I can
be on a daily basis. I’ve learnt to forgive myself and others and not hold onto resentments.

Some positive changes I have noticed in my life are that I am growing and glowing daily, that everything is falling into place. Trusting the process and going with the flow. I am drug free and my mental health is the best it’s ever been. I am reconnected with my family. I am proactive and excited about my life and the future. I no longer beat myself up and I speak kindly to myself. I do what needs to be done and I am accountable for my actions. I feel more alive, more confident, I can speak up and communicate and look people in the eye while I speak with them.

I am more open to new things and not reserved with people anymore.
I am looking for employment and getting off Centrelink.
I am more determined about moving up and going forward in my life.

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