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Marrin Weejali Aboriginal Corporation

Drug, alcohol, mental health and support programs

A Healing Home
By Our People, For Our People

At Marrin Weejali, we develop and run programs and services to reduce the physical and emotional distress of alcohol and other drugs.

A culturally safe environment, Marrin Weejali is run by our people, for our people.

Our Vision is that Aboriginal people of western Sydney live free from addiction and emotional distress; and to help our clients live healthy and peaceful lives within the observance of Aboriginal spiritual and cultural ways.


Our Programs

Marrin Weejali runs programs and services to empower and heal our clients.

Our programs help our clients to build a life outside of alcohol and drug misuse and overcome the social dislocation and emotional distress addiction has brought into their lives and their loved ones’ lives.

Drug and alcohol
intervention programs

Specialist programs to overcome addiction with individual, group and family counselling.

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Social and emotional

Therapy and support for families torn apart by alcohol and other substance misuse.

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Aboriginal Corporation

It costs money to deliver programs to our clients. Find out more about how you can help to support us.

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Our Values

Marrin Weejali staff work harmoniously with each other to provide holistic and compassionate services for our clients.

The programs at Marrin Weejali are delivered in a culturally safe environment and are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in Western Sydney and to non-Indigenous people who choose to use our service.






Our Purpose Statement

Marrin Weejali takes a leadership role in repairing shattered spirits by breaking the cycle of dependency, misery and social dislocation to lift our people from despair and helping them to live healthy, peaceful and dignified lives.

We offer a safe space for our clients to seek help in a dignified and respectful environment.

Many staff have lived experience as former addiction survivors and work with empathy and insight into clients’ suffering, loss and grief.


Marrin Weejali is run by our people, for our people and we take part in regular events to help our clients connect with the community and further their path to healing.

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“Life was going good before my partner and I separated, and after separation I was going through a tough time through the legal system. It was a longshot, but I gave Marrin a phone call and spoke to the ladies in the office and they put me in the right direction. Being at Marrin doing all of the courses has chilled me out. I have done the Better Man Program for DV – a 10-week program – and I have learned a lot from that about my attitude towards other people… the way I carry myself and how not to overreact to things like I used to. I have been in positions where I would have been under the pump and jumped the gun too quickly and opened my mouth when I should be listening. Since being a better person, everyone else enjoys me as a person now instead of thinking I am going to blow up, because I probably would have before.”


“I haven’t touched drugs for nearly two years now and I am feeling a hell of a lot better. Before coming to Marrin I was always feeling depressed and felt everyone let me down and pushed me around. I want to share my story to try and help people who might be scared to come through the door to get help. The turning point for me was that my mum’s dying wish was for me to get off the drugs and try to live a better life. I tried to get off the drugs myself first and it didn’t work – I ended up smoking more. I did a few anger management and living with addiction groups at Marrin Weejali and they all seemed to help me. I realised during the groups that the things said in groups stay with you and impact on you so that you can get well. Now I am in recovery and I have two beautiful granddaughters who I spend a lot of time with. I am doing a lot better and feeling a lot healthier.”


“My drug misuse was out of control for many years. The rehab pointed me in the direction of Marrin. From the first phone interview I had, I could feel the fact that they cared, which was really positive for me. The care plan itself was moulded according to what I needed. We smashed it out of the ballpark. Every goal that was set, we achieved. All I can do is work on myself. I have to say I am a lot more in tune with my emotions and anger. We did 10 weeks to work through my anger and I have come a long way in that regard. The Living with Addictions Group is well worth it. There were a few little things, the videos, the content in that program helped me understand it. Now, I am working two jobs; that’s massive for me. They get me by and I have my licence back and a car and my own place. I have actually got a life now. It has been quite some time since I had that. For the first time I can wake up every morning and I am happy, smiling and content with how things are going.”


Partnership Case Studies

Emerton Amcal + Pharmacy

“Marrin is a safe space and we provide an extension of that safe space here in our pharmacy to Marrin clients.”

Too Deadly for Diabetes - powerful partnership

“The main thing about Marrin is the way its staff are invested in the local community.”

Penrith Community Corrections

“Marrin Weejali trusts, respects and supports our roles when working with Aboriginal people.”

Client Stories

‘Keeping the fire burning’ and honouring our service providers with morning tea


‘Keeping the fire burning’ and honouring our service providers with morning tea

We recognise the profound impact of partnership and community support on our mission. That’s why Marrin Weejali recently hosted our annual morning tea to honour our dedicated service providers, aligning with this year’s NAIDOC theme, ‘Keeping the Fire Burning’. Here are some of the highlights.

‘Knowledge from here is life-changing’ – an appreciative inquiry of Marrin Weejali


‘Knowledge from here is life-changing’ – an appreciative inquiry of Marrin Weejali

Our mission is to assist the Aboriginal community of Western Sydney in living free from addiction and distress in a culturally significant way. Right now, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our journey and plan for the future with the help of our recent appreciative inquiry – ‘Knowledge from here is life-changing.’

Walgett Man

Walgett Man

February 13 , 2024

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

February 13 , 2024



February 27 , 2023

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